Does Your Court Need a “Chief Story Teller”?


A recent posting on LinkedIn discussed “Why Every Firm Needs to Appoint a ‘Chief Story Teller.’”[1]  The article noted that technology is moving fast and not everyone can keep current on all the changes.  It asserts that scientists are not explaining, or are not able to explain, in simple terms and plain language what is occurring. Hollywood steps up and provides their narrative about changes in the tech world.  Hollywood’s depiction is not always accurate, after dramatic elements are added to the story.  The solution is to make use of a storyteller instead of scientists – or Hollywood.

Telling a story about operations involves realizing that there are two cultures – one that ‘can speak the language’ and one that cannot. One culture may be science and the other arts. A storyteller can be the entity to connect others so that the story and the message are received.  An example of an individual who succeeds in the storyteller role is Neil deGrasse Tyson. His skill is being able to narrate and translate complex scientific items in a way that we, as lay people, understand.  A successful storyteller explains and crafts a narrative.

In the court world, it is also important to tell the story – about what courts do and about the outcomes of court processes.  In the court world one culture is those familiar with all the court protocols (judges, court staff, attorneys), and one culture to whom all the protocols are foreign (often the court users).

Is there a need for courts to have a storyteller?  Does YOUR court need a storyteller?  How would you go about establishing a storyteller?

[1] See LinkedIn at

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