Court Leader’s Advantage Podcast: May 2019 Bonus Episode

. . [Blockchain records] could soon be used in a variety of innovative ways to resolve court record keeping challenges.  At the same time, Blockchain presents new legal issues that courts must be prepared to address.”

This is an audio recitation of a paper written by Di Graski and Paul Embley titled “When Might Blockchain Appear in Your Court?”   The paper appeared in the 2018 edition of Trends in State Courts published by the National Center for State Courts.

This episode will appeal to listeners interested in trial courts, court administration, emerging technologies, digital security, and accounting and finance, and emergency response plans.

A link to a display version of Di and Paul’s paper, “When Might Blockchain Appear in Your Court?” is in the Show Notes section on the landing page.

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About the Guests

Di Graski is grateful to be celebrating her eleventh anniversary with the National Center for State Courts’ Technology team.  She is an attorney licensed in Colorado, a certified Project Management Professional, and a member of the IJIS Institute’s Blockchain Working Group.  At NACM’s Annual Conference in July 2019, Di will participate in the panel discussion “Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science.”

Paul Embley is the CIO and Technology Division Director at the National Center for State Courts. He began his career in Silicon Valley working for the “who’s who” of high tech (along with the “who’s no longer”). After 25 years in the for-profit sector, Paul shifted to public sector work on integrated justice.


Listen to the Podcast Episode.


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