Court Leader’s Advantage Podcast: Is Teleworking a Permanent Answer?

The Nation now moves to the end of its second month battling the pandemic. The infection rate has climbed into the hundreds of thousands; the death toll has reached well beyond 45,000. This week we continue our weekly podcast series, “Coronavirus: How are Courts Coping with the Crisis,” in a conversation with our panelists.

Numerous courts have been closed for over a month because of the virus. As a result, many are experimenting with court staff teleworking. In fact, we may be witnessing the first truly nationwide experiment ever of court employees teleworking.  How are court staff taking to this experiment?  How court courts fairing?

This episode explores who is teleworking and what do employees need to be successful. We look at union-management relations, equipment allocation, and how do we manage a staff that is almost all home working from their laptops?

Now, in the midst of the crisis, many states are opening back up or are at least considering it. Are courts looking to reopen this soon?

This week’s panel includes: 

  • Dorothy Howell, Division Manager with Probation for the Superior Court in East Orange, which is part of Newark, New Jersey.
  • Zenell Brown, Court Administrator in Detroit; Michigan.
  • Angie VanSchoick, Court Administrator in Breckenridge, Colorado.
  • Mike Roddy, Court Executive Officer in San Diego, California.
  • Mark Weinberg, Court Administrator in Daytona Beach, Florida.
  • Liz Rambo, Trial Court Administrator in Eugene, Oregon.
  • Rick Pierce with the Pennsylvania Administrative Office of the Courts.    

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