What Will the Courthouse of the Future Look Like?

As more courts reopen many practical problems are emerging.  How to social distance in courthouses and courtrooms that are ill-equipped for this kind of crisis?  What kinds of traffic and crowd management tools are available?  What will courthouses look like ten or fifteen years from now?

The panel discusses how courts will manage crowds of court users congregating at the courthouse entrance; thermal testing; litigant scheduling for high volume calendars; and physical changes to courtrooms themselves.  Panel members also give their predictions as to what the courthouse of the future will look like with the age of Coronavirus.

This Week’s Panel

  • Angie VanSchoick, Court Administrator for the Municipal Court (Breckenridge, Colorado).
  • Zenell Brown, Court Administrator for the 3rd Circuit Court (Detroit, Michigan).
  • Liz Rambo, Trial Court Administrator for the Lane County Circuit Court, (Eugene, Oregon).
  • Rick Pierce with the Pennsylvania Administrative Office of the Courts.
  • Chris Gaddis, Court Administrator for the Pierce County Superior Court, (Tacoma, Washington).
  • Dorothy Howell, Court Executive for the Probation Division of the Superior Court in East Orange (Newark, New Jersey)

Listen to the episode:

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