I am preparing to write a blog post about interview questions and techniques — focusing on not only the good ones, but also when things went badly or even humorously. I will take examples from my own career (let’s see, I had six court administrator jobs, so got lots of practice interviewing from both sides of the process!).  But, I think it would be great to include examples from other persons, so if you have questions or techniques from your own experience that you think would be valuable (or fun!) to share, send them to me at courtleader.vantagepoint@gmail.com and I’ll see about including them in this forthcoming post. I promise to keep everything confidential!

Thanks in advance for your help.

2 thoughts on “Interviews help!

  1. Norman – this is a delayed response to your call for interview examples. I offer these comments or examples:

    1. two bizarre interview questions I have personally encountered are: “what does your husband think of you considering this position?”(asked by an attorney on an interview panel), and, “what would you do if you, as the top court administrator, were walking around the office and saw a wall clock with the incorrect time showing? would you change the clock?”
    2. my favorite question to ask when interviewing candidates for any level position is: “describe yourself in ONE word.” My intent is to see a) what they say – as a glimpse on how they see themself, and b) how poised they are if they cannot answer in only one word (and it’s ok to use more than one word).
    Best on documenting interview techniques! Janet


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