We are pleased to invite you to participate in our current survey by accessing the link on this page.

Survey – Court Futures 2019

We have been conducting surveys on court futures, asking court professionals from around the world since 2013.  Our current survey (our eighth since we started) has 7 background questions and 24 scenarios.

We ask you to give your best assessment of the probability of each scenario occurring within the next 10 years. The probability scale runs from “1” as highly likely, “2”: likely, “3”: having an equal (50-50) chance, “4”: unlikely, to “5”: improbable. If you cannot assess a given scenario, feel free to mark “No Answer.”

In this survey we have mixed new scenarios in with a few we had from previous surveys; this allows us to check for changes in the group’s assessed likelihood of some scenarios over time. It should only take you a few minutes to complete.

At the end we invite comments regarding any of the scenarios.  Your comments provide depth to the survey responses and context for how we look at these scenarios and ultimately the future of courts.

Thanks again for participating!

Survey – Court Futures 2019

Phillip Knox
Peter C. Kiefer
Phoenix, Arizona


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