Courts and Protest!


Virtual Hearings: What Have We Learned After Three Months?

The events that have transpired since late February of this year defy classification.

  • A pandemic the likes of which this country has not seen since the 1918 Spanish flu
  • Unemployment numbers that rival the 1929 Great Depression
  • Now protests and riots in dozens of American cities sparked by the killing of an unarmed African-American man in Minneapolis.

Protests and the Courts

This episode was to focus on virtual hearings, and we will still discuss this topic, yet it is vital that we acknowledge the events of the last week during this episode.

Virtual Hearings

Most courts now have experienced about three months using virtual hearings on an extensive scale.  This is a good time to explore some of the everyday topics that concern expanding the use of this innovation.  The panel discusses public access to virtual hearings, security, ease of use, handling private attorney-client sidebars, making the record, and situations where one party physically shows up for a hearing while the other party is virtual.

This Week’s Panelists

  • Mark Weinberg, Court Administrator for the 7th Judicial Circuit (Daytona Beach, Florida).
  • Liz Rambo, Trial Court Administrator for the Lane County Circuit Court, (Eugene, Oregon).
  • Rick Pierce with the Pennsylvania Administrative Office of the Courts.
  • Chris Gaddis, Court Administrator for the Pierce County Superior Court (Tacoma, Washington).
  • Mike Roddy, Court Executive Office for the Superior Court in San Diego, California.

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