In the last Vantage Point blog post, I concluded with these words:

We find ourselves in a once in a generation time of crisis. The challenges are big, diverse, and many. It is times like these that present opportunities. For instance, now is the time to change the rules we operate by in the courts. Now is the time to modernize how we do business. Now is the time to craft solutions that are people-centered, maximize access, and increase personal safety. It will not be easy to overcome resistance to change (especially during probable diminished resources), but we can emerge from the pandemic crisis stronger than ever. We can increase efficiency and effectiveness by being proactive and responding to what our constituents need.

We can maximize our chances of success by adopting Adaptive Leadership techniques to address the wide variety of challenges outlined in this blog post. We cannot keep doing things the same as before, including our leadership actions. Do not forget, the new normal will be one that we create!

My colleague Janet Cornell has just posted her wonderful article about Adaptive Leadership elsewhere on the Court Leader website at Everyone should read the article and do their best to implement the principles she presents.

I send my best wishes to all for a safe and positive future as we continue to respond to the Covid-19 pandemic.

2 thoughts on “Courts and Covid-19: these times require Adaptive Leadership

  1. TRue words and it is definitely a time to move forward in the courts. Sieze the mpmoent to make the necessary changes to adapt to ne opprtunties to serve court constituents well.


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