Court Leadership – the Competency of Accountability and Court Performance

Court leaders increasingly consider the use of performance measures to be accountable, make operational decisions, and demonstrate performance. This competency reviews skill areas to practice accountability and court performance.

Fulfilling the Public’s Trust: Valuing Diversity & Inclusion in 2020 (Part 2) — What actions can court administrators take to make Diversity & Inclusion a reality in the administration of their courts?

In this time of attention to systemic discrimination in our justice systems, it is critically important to make Diversity & Inclusion a priority in court administration. This article outlines the actions that court administrators can take to make Diversity and Inclusion a reality.

Leadership Under Stress – the Role of Resiliency

Let us consider leadership under stress. Resiliency can help us deal with stress. This article provides an insight on and summary of techniques to be resilient. Sometimes normal life is challenging and stressful. Court leadership has experienced extraordinary stress: ongoing leadership challenges, resource limitations, pressure for accountable, efficient, and stable operations, and now, COVID19. Some … Continue reading Leadership Under Stress – the Role of Resiliency