What advice would you give your YOUNGER self?  A recent issue of Success Magazine (March 2018) had an article called “10 Things Successful People Never do Again,” and in it included items that business leaders would remind themselves about, as part of learning from their experience…. Looking back on your experiences, what would you include on YOUR list of what to avoid or what to do better or differently?  Some items that come to my mind are: create more ‘fun’ in the workplace; take more risks; work harder at listening, be willing to make more dramatic job/employment changes.  What would be on YOUR list?  Let us know by commenting below!

2 thoughts on “A Court Leadership Question For You

  1. One thing would be to say yes more often to helping others and taking on more tasks. When I started doing that and learning more about what was behind the tasks I was helping with, my career advancement exceled. I believe at least part of that advancement was because I had knowledge or understanding about more subjects/topics. In my early years, I often thought that something was not my job or that it was someone else’s job.


  2. I wish I had: listened a LOT more and talked less; paid more attention to how to work effectively with judges (sometimes called the care and feeding of judges!); and been better at giving positive feedback to staff.


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