The United States Supreme Court is rightfully called the “highest court in the land” due to its jurisdiction over all other courts.  Years ago I was given an inside tour of the U.S. Supreme Court building and was suitably impressed by the courtroom, chambers, Clerk’s Office, and other spaces.  One of the lasting memories I have, however, is that the large ornate courtroom isn’t actually the highest court, since there is a basketball court on the floor above, and that athletic space has been given the title of being the “highest court in the land.”  I was reminded of this by a story that was recently published in Sports Illustrated magazine, which recounts the history of the basketball court and relates lots of interesting stories involving many justices and their law clerks who have used the space over the years.  You can read the story  at, it will give you a whole new (and fun) look at the inner workings of the U.S. Supreme Court.

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