Those familiar with court or judicial administration may be familiar with sources of professional training or content (for example, from the National Association for Court Management, the Institute for Court Management at the National Center for State Courts, the University of Denver Sturm College of Law Master of Science in Legal Administration, or Michigan State University Certificate in Judicial Administration).

These curricula provide topics such as the following:

  • purposes of courts, foundations of judicial administration, public trust and confidence,
  • caseflow management and case handling, and case processing,
  • court performance and accountability,
  • court leadership and governance,
  • operations, fiscal, and human resource management, and
  • planning and decision-making.

The question for you and based upon your experience is: what do you consider as the MOST important court leadership skill to possess?

My immediate answer is two-prong: communication skills and relationship building.

However I am very interested in obtaining your notes on what you consider the most important skill.

One thought on “A Court Leadership Question For You…

  1. I agree that excellent communication skills (of all kinds — written, verbal, body language) are critical. I think that possessing skill in the technical aspects of administration (no matter what type of organization), such as HR, IT, Finance, etc., are key, but a court administrator must also have skill in what makes courts different in order to be successful. That means being skillful in caseflow management, for example — and such a court leader has to have a broad knowledge of key legal principles, statutes, and rules that govern the jurisdiction of your court.


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