Court Leader’s Advantage Podcast: April 2, 2020 Episode

The scourge of the Coronavirus is a national emergency unlike anything we have seen in modern times.  It is affecting all aspects of our lives and work.  The virus is having a profound impact on how American courts are coping.  Throughout the crisis, we will have weekly podcast episodes with a “rotating panel” of guests that will answer the question, “How are courts and court administrators dealing with the coronavirus on a daily basis?”

Our panelists this week are:

  • Zenell Brown Executive Court Administrator in Detroit, Michigan
  • Mark Weinberg Court Administrator in Daytona Beach, Florida
  • Angie VanSchoick Court Administrator in Breckenridge Colorado
  • Liz Rambo Trial Court Administrator in Eugene, Oregon
  • T.J. BeMent Court Administrator in Athens, Georgia
  • Rick Pierce with the Pennsylvania Administrative Office of the Courts.

Listen to the

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