Court administrator leadership responsibilities are multi-faceted and wide ranging.  Court leaders are called upon to demonstrate a mastery of skills and professional competencies.  Administrative duties range from caseflow management, to human resource and fiscal management, and to facility and security oversight. Increasingly, court leaders are also called upon to administer technology, collaborate and coordinate with justice partners, and manage large projects and programs.

The National Association for Court Management (NACM) has published information and comprehensive content about court leadership knowledge, skills, and abilities (proficiencies) known as the NACM CORE® Competencies. They consist of three modules within which thirteen discreet competencies are elaborated. These competencies represent proven talents for court leaders to possess. There is a wealth of material on the competencies. I encourage your study of it.  Much can be used for self-guided learning or for insights on problem solving and organizational effectiveness.

A simplified summary of the Core Competencies is included below as a “quick read” synopsis or glimpse of the content contained in the full competencies. I offer it for your review and further investigation into specific areas of interest regarding court leadership.

Complete NACM CORE® information may be accessed at


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