Greetings! This posting shares a recently published article titled “COVID and the Courts – The Role of Leadership Resilience.” Readers of postings on the CourtLeader site ( may recall that I’ve written before about dealing with challenges:

  • June 2020 – These Times Call for Adaptive Leadership
  • June 2020 – Leadership Under Stress – the Role of Resiliency
  • August 2020 – Leadership and Managing Yourself
  • December 2020 – We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Program – Let’s Recognize Positives About 2020

Admittedly, these articles focus on self-assessment and even a bit of self-management, whether in the work environment or personally. During preparation of these articles, they have served to help me with my own navigation of the unusual year of 2020, with no leisure or business travel for beloved consulting and teaching, changes in daily routines, as well as limited in person and face-to-face interaction.

I now offer this new article for your consideration. It was written toward the end of 2020, posted in the International Association for Court Administration magazine/digital publication, and was intended to share several strategies to develop and practice resiliency. Included are:

  • reminders about some good things from 2020
  • how crisis makes us better leaders
  • “advice” from a NASA astronaut
  • adaptive leadership practices
  • notes about measuring outcomes (in the work world)
  • a listing of resiliency characteristics, and
  • my own list of examples of how to seek resiliency.

I want to acknowledge the International Association for Court Administration (IACA,, of which I am a member. IACA welcomes judges, court managers, clerks of court, government officials, and anyone interested in professional court administration around the world. Having been a member of IACA for almost ten years, IACA has offered me some wonderful new friendships and contact with colleagues from courts in other countries. They have been invaluable.

With regards to this new article, and very interestingly, I recently had to heed advice from my own article when faced with challenges! I guess that is another technique of how to be resilient – keep reminding yourself of what to do with challenges! I hope you enjoy the article, and look forward to hearing how you can use it – and – advice you might share about your own resiliency techniques!

Access the article here:

(International Association for Court Administration, IACA, “The Court Administrator,” Volume 9, Winter 2021, pages 27-32)

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