This competency is on operations management and it represents a collection of many additional competencies – skill areas, knowledge sets, or elements. Overall, the varied elements of court operations mentioned in this competency fall into four areas:

  • Functions and services required by constitution or regulation,
  • Programs and special services,
  • Access and direct services, and
  • Infrastructure and support functions.

These operational elements make up the complex and interwoven compilation of what it takes to operate a court, regardless of the size or type of court. For those wishing to have a broad overview of court operations, this competency is for you. Each element can serve as an introduction to the topic and a suggestion for further in depth study of the topic via other publications and sources.

The full publication on this competency may be viewed at

The next posting will pick up on this topic of operations management, and will include thoughts on how a court leader can be conversant and proficient on the myriad of operational areas (be an “operations whisperer”).

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