Court Leadership – the Competency of Accountability and Court Performance

Court leaders increasingly consider the use of performance measures to be accountable, make operational decisions, and demonstrate performance. This competency reviews skill areas to practice accountability and court performance.

These Times Call for Adaptive Leadership!

It’s hard to deny that our interest is captivated on how we in courts adjust to the Coronavirus challenges:  immediacy of operational changes, unfolding information, and an unknown and evolving nature of dealing with and creating a new work environment.  Do these sound familiar with regards to what courts and court staff are facing?  Courts, … Continue reading These Times Call for Adaptive Leadership!

Court Leadership – the Competency of Leadership

This website is titled "courtleader." It is fitting, therefore, to examine a variety of aspects and competencies regarding court leadership.  We start by noting that the National Association for Court Management, NACM, has published what is known as Core Competencies that court leaders need to know and be able to do.  These competencies apply to … Continue reading Court Leadership – the Competency of Leadership

Courts and Covid-19: where are we, and where are we going? [part 2 of 2]

What will the future hold for the courts in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic? This post outlines the significant challenges and recommends what should be done. We can succeed by using Adaptive Leadership to create a new future reality that is people-centered, maximizes access, and increases personal safety. The new normal is one we create!

New Editions of IACA and NACM Journals Have Great Articles!

The latest editions of the IACA & NACM journals have great, thought-provoking articles. Here are the titles of several that caught my eye (and links to read).

Is AI Already Here? The Answers May Startle You

Court Leader's Advantage Podcast: June 2019 Episode You may not be aware, but artificial intelligence (AI) has already established itself in our daily lives.  From Amazon to Alexa, sophisticated algorithms affect much of what we do.  The next ten years will see advancements in electronic decision-making, facial recognition, language translation, and voice-to-text. Are you willing … Continue reading Is AI Already Here? The Answers May Startle You

Blockchain: Is It Your Court’s Future

Court Leader's Advantage Podcast: May 2019 Episode Blockchain is a business and accounting tool that may change the way organizations handle money. Its built-in safeguards prevent electronic hacking of financial accounts. Beyond accounting, it has the potential for securing the authenticity of court documents and even identities. Are we willing to pay the cost of … Continue reading Blockchain: Is It Your Court’s Future