This website is titled “courtleader.” It is fitting, therefore, to examine a variety of aspects and competencies regarding court leadership.  We start by noting that the National Association for Court Management, NACM, has published what is known as Core Competencies that court leaders need to know and be able to do.  These competencies apply to court professionals, regardless of their type or size of court, and represent the knowledge, skills and abilities to support excellence in judicial administration.  Full information about the Core Competencies may be accessed at:

On that Core Competency site, there is a wealth of information about all of the Competencies. So much so that it is challenging to digest it all.  A summary of the Competency on Leadership is provided here, as a quick recap of the content, and perhaps as a teaser on the materials to be studied in depth.  For now, consider this quick summary of Leadership:

Court Leader Core Summary – Leadership rev 5-18-20

Court Leader Core Summary - Leadership rev 5-26-20

Future postings will cover various aspects of leadership in general and unique aspects of court leadership.  Should you have any suggestions on leadership topics, please comment.

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