This posting presents another competency of court leadership taken from the National Association for Court Management (NACM).  In the competencies published by NACM (NACM CORE®), there is one on Accountability and Court Performance.  This competency makes the case for court leaders to: be accountable; plan and make decisions with data; demonstrate, measure, and manage court performance; and utilize analytical skills associated with the application of court performance measures.

Not all court leaders are comfortable with data and statistics.  I am a firm believer in the power of metrics, having used many in my past role as a court manager.  They provided immediately tangible benefits of increasing awareness and understanding about operations and greater credibility as a court leader.

This competency is offered should you want to expand your interest and skills in the use of court performance measurement practices.  It is available at

A future posting here will be on “Leadership and Accountability,”  in which I’ll cover why court leaders should be conversant in the use of data and measures, consider and manage concerns about the use of statistics, realize resulting benefits of using data, and I’ll offer advice on how to get started.

Court Leader Core Summary – Accountability and Court Performance rev 8-16-20

Court Leader Core Summary - Accountability and Court Performance rev 8-16-20

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