Hello readers of the regular postings covering the National Association for Court Management CORE® Competencies (the NACM CORE®). This posting consists of all thirteen competencies included in one place along with an introductory summary sheet describing all of the competencies. This rendition provides a four-page document with opening notes, a picture of the introductory summary, pictures of each of the competencies, and concluding remarks.

It has been my hope that these competencies can serve as prompts and reminders to us court leaders on the areas we need to master. Mastery of these areas – or, continually working to achieve the knowledge, skills, and abilities – can position us to be better leaders in courts.

Taken as a whole, this content comprises a wonderful description of the knowledge, skills, ablities, techniques, and traits needed to be an effective court leader. Hopefully, court professionals can take advantage of the written materials that are part of the competencies. The full materials may be accessed via the NACM web site at https://nacmcore.org/ .

I must acknowledge that I have a bias in support of all these described competencies, as a former court administrator, as a Past President of NACM, and as a participant in the publication of CORE® materials. Nevertheless, this summary is offered as a quick read about all the traits and talents to seek as a court leader. Best to all current court leaders and to those who aspire to become court leaders. The position of court leader or court administrator has a very important role in the justice system.


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