Here is the latest summary of court leader skills from the National Association for Court Management Core Competencies – the NACM CORE®. This is one of my favorite court leader competencies – caseflow and workflow management. From the beginning of my court career to the present time, caseflow management has been a constant focus.

Caseflow management is at the center of what courts do, and is “the heart of court management,” as author, consultant, and colleague David Steelman and his co-authors assert in the comprehensive book on caseflow practices.[1]  Courts exist to process disputes and cases, and, caseflow is the principal responsibility of courts.

Attached is the summary for your consideration.  This topic is one that all court leaders should embrace and master. It can also be viewed at .

In my next post, I will share ideas and practices that court leaders can use to be the masters and maestros of caseflow management.

[1] David C. Steelman, John A. Goerdt, and James E. McMillan, Caseflow Management, the Heart of Court Management in the New Millennium, National Center for State Courts, 2004.

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