For regular readers, you know that these postings have included profiles of caseflow management best practices. This posting includes all the prior postings of the Court Leadership Caseflow Management Practice Profile.

By way of background, these postings provided summary information (reminders, ideas, and examples) about twelve different proven caseflow management techniques. These individual documents were posted starting in September 2021 with the introductory issue (seen here in the picture below), and concluded in May 2022 with the final issue. All twelve and the introduction posting are included in a single PDF attachment below.

It’s my hope that these briefings and compilations can remind us as court leaders to consider including protocols taken from each of the twelve areas and use them to create, enhance, and expand caseflow practices in our courts. I welcome your follow up comments on caseflow management practices.

For the full set of postings and the introduction, access the PDF document included below.

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