Question of Ethics: A Conversation on Courts and Ethics – August 25, 2022 Episode

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The COVID Pandemic brought the use of technology to the forefront of our conversation worldwide. Technology is expanding at breakneck speed. Is it out stripping courts’ ability to manage new technological innovations?

Relevant Ethics Canons

Canon 1           Avoiding Impropriety and the Appearance of Impropriety in All Activities

1.1       Performing Court Duties

            A court professional faithfully carries out all appropriately assigned duties, striving at all times to perform the work diligently, efficiently, equitably, thoroughly, courteously, honestly, openly, and within the scope of the court professional’s authority.

Canon 2           Performing the Duties of Position Impartially and Diligently

2.1        Independent Judgment

A court professional avoids relationships that would impair one’s impartiality and independent judgment.  A court professional is vigilant concerning conflicts of interest and ensures that outside interests are never so extensive or of such a nature as to impair one’s ability to perform court duties.

Discussion Questions

  • How can courts implement new technological innovations without infringing on Constitutional rights?
  • How can court administrators convince judges who are resistant to change that technology is beneficial?
  • What strategies can courts use to alleviate the digital divide?

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Today’s Host

Courtney Whiteside, Director St. Louis Municipal Court

Today’s Panel

  • Stay Worby, State Jury Coordinator, Alaska State Court System
  • Kent Pankey, Senior Planner, Virginia Supreme Court
  • Karl Thoennes, Court Administrator, 2nd Judicial District, Sioux Falls, South Dakota
  • Joe Thommasino, Legal Counsel, Justice Court, Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Peter C. Kiefer, Retired Court Professional

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