www.CourtLeader.net  Marks Six Years!

Greetings followers, readers, and supporters of the Court Leader website. This month marks six years since the creation and initial posting of court leadership and court administration content.

The site was created and borne from the idea that it would be useful to have a location – a website – where articles, postings, and new content could be posted and retained. Founding members recall that court friends and colleagues were authoring newsletters and sometimes informal communiques, sent to a large, always in flux, list of readers, using outbound emails. While helpful, pre website days, it was unwieldly to manage and keep up to date. Founding members decided to create a dedicated website where content could be housed. Therefore, on December 22, 2016, the first posting was made (a copy of the first posting is below).

As noted in that first posting, these first partners (Janet Cornell, Peter Kiefer, and Phil Knox) intended the site as a location for information, resources, and perspectives helpful to court professionals. Initial postings consisted of occasional articles or entries made without regularity.

True to court leadership continuous learning, thoughts about and provision of site content matured, to include:

  • Posting of periodic Court Futures survey results by Peter Kiefer and Phil Knox,
  • Establishment of a formal Vantage Point Blog by Norman Meyer,
  • Creation of The Court Leaders Advantage – a monthly podcast by Peter Kiefer,
  • Publication of different series focusing on different topics (caseflow management, court leadership, what is a court administrator, leader resilience) by Janet Cornell,
  • Occasional articles by guest authors, and
  • Partnership and collaboration with EDevLearn and Hope Kentnor (MSLA, PhD, CEO/founder, https://edevlearn.com/), to provide content via micro-courses, allowing remote and self-directed learning for court professionals.

As we approach this anniversary, over 225 postings have been created, some 75 blog postings published, with approximately 300 official web site followers. This does not include various readers and viewers via LinkedIn or Twitter.

Observations from our contribution group include:

  • Postings represent diverse, professional, and independent points of view,
  • Content keeps us learning, growing, and intellectually challenged,
  • Discussions via postings can occur on issues facing courts and court administration,
  • The site provides a unique and unfettered compilation of materials, and
  • Court professionals can access the site for ideas on the role of courts, court administration KSA’s, impacts of technology, and influences and societal changes on the administration of justice, courts, and court managers.

We sincerely THANK YOU, readers, for your interest and audience to the site materials.

By this message, we are also asking you to consider:

  1. Helping us expand the content and add to the diversity of information and perspectives,
  2. Writing and contributing to content on the site – an article, a posting, a sharing,
  3. Volunteering to participate in a podcast episode,
  4. Submitting your ideas on materials and postings for consideration, and
  5. Becoming a regular collaborator with us on subjects and postings.

Thanks for six years. We look forward to more years ahead and continued postings.

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