This posting presents another competency of court leadership taken from the National Association for Court Management (NACM).  In the competencies published by NACM (NACM CORE®), there is one on Public Relations.  In the Public Relations competency, content reviews the challenge faced by court leaders to balance the mandated role of the court and the public interest in what the court does. Court leaders may be called upon to: skillfully communicate about the court; master public outreach methods; educate others about the court; and take steps to demonstrate transparency and accountability.

Courts and leaders may now be faced with a different type of public relations challenge and opportunity – that of increased collaboration with others – both inside and outside of the justice system.  That may mean stepping up skills and strategies for public relations.  This competency is offered should you have interest in this area of court leader skills.  It’s available at

A future posting here will be on “Leadership with Partners,” in which models and actions for courts, and court leadership, to partner with others will be summarized.

Court Leader Core Summary – Public Relations rev 7-16-20

Court Leader Core Summary - Public Relations rev 7-16-20 (2)

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