May 16th, 2023, Court Leader’s Advantage Podcast Episode

Brought to You in Cooperation with the National Association for Court Management

It was not that long ago that the phrase “you’re lucky to have a job” was powerful advice.  Nowadays, employers across multiple business sectors are complaining of unfilled staff positions.  Shortages of teachers and restaurant workers immediately come to mind. 

On the other hand, just lately we are once again hearing about massive layoffs.  Google, Meta, Disney, and Amazon have all recently laid off workers.

  • Has the balance of power between job applicants and employers shifted?
  • Has it shifted in favor of the applicants?
  • If it has, will it last?

This month we are looking at courts and the hiring crisis.  Do job candidates right now hold the upper hand in the hiring process, and how are courts coping?

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Today’s Panelists

Dana Bartocci is the Human Resources and Development Director for the Minnesota Judicial Branch. Dana uses her background and passion in training, leadership, coaching, change management and communications to lead all aspects of human resources and development in the Judicial Branch. Prior to serving in this role she was the Strategy and Development Manager at the Fourth Judicial District in the State of Minnesota focusing on training, race equity, communications and change management. She has also served in various capacities in law firm and law school professional development, career coaching, training and pro bono.  

Dana is active in the National Association of Judicial Educators and Minnesota Women Lawyers and serves as a volunteer for YMCA Minnesota Youth in Government.  She received her J.D. and M.S. in educational administration from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and her B.A. in political science and cultural studies from the University of Minnesota.

Vicky Bartholomew is the Minor Judiciary Administrator for the 15th Judicial District of Pennsylvania, Chester County.  Vicky has served in the field of court administration since 1986.  Prior to her current position, Vicky’s roles in court administration included criminal court administrator and arbitration administrator. She has been a member of the Chester County Criminal Justice Advisory Board since 2016.

As the Minor Judiciary Administrator, Vicky provides administrative support to sixteen limited jurisdiction district courts, judges and staff.

Vicky is a long-time member of the Mid-Atlantic Association for Court Management (MAACM) and served as their President from 2013-2014. She continues to serve on the MAACM board as vendor-co chair and is a member of the business practices and professional development committees.   Vicky is a past regional director and public relations chair for the Pennsylvania Association of Court Management (PACM) and is on their professional development committee.  She is also a member of the National Association of Court Management (NACM).

Nick Sudzina has served as the Trial Court Administrator for the Tenth Judicial Circuit, State of Florida, since his appointment to that post in 1985; prior to becoming the Trial Court Administrator, he served as the Juvenile Court Administrator for the Circuit Court for fourteen years. 

Nick is a member of the Trial Court Administrator Education Committee, the Florida Court Personnel Committee and the Workgroup on Performance Management.  He was appointed by the Chief Justice to chair the Florida Supreme Court Facility Accessibility Committee.  He has a B.S. Degree in Criminology from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Beth Urban has been devoted to public service and human resources, working in both the Judicial and Executive branches of state government. She strongly believes that employees are a company’s most valuable asset and is passionate about supporting them. Initially, Beth worked as an Employment Representative, where she assisted job seekers in finding employment opportunities and achieving their career goals.

Subsequently, she served as a Human Resources Specialist, conducting research and analysis of classification and compensation projects for Executive Branch employees. Beth’s leadership abilities led her to be promoted to a Human Resources Manager role, where she managed employee and employer relationships while working towards achieving organizational objectives.

In 2006, Beth joined the Unified Judicial System as a Human Resources Manager and was later promoted to Director of Human Resources in 2010. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Sociology, with a concentration in Human Resources and a Minor in Economics and Psychology, which she earned from South Dakota State University in 1993. Additionally, in May 2009, she completed the Court Executive Development Program, earning her fellowship in the Institute of Court Management.

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