Court Leadership and Caseflow Management – a Briefing Series

Court leaders usually have direct or indirect responsibility for caseflow management. What is caseflow management? This posting introduces a series on caseflow management best practices. Postings will provide examples of each proven practice and include examples and illustrations of the practice in use.

Court Leadership – the Competency of Accountability and Court Performance

Court leaders increasingly consider the use of performance measures to be accountable, make operational decisions, and demonstrate performance. This competency reviews skill areas to practice accountability and court performance.

These Times Call for Adaptive Leadership!

It’s hard to deny that our interest is captivated on how we in courts adjust to the Coronavirus challenges:  immediacy of operational changes, unfolding information, and an unknown and evolving nature of dealing with and creating a new work environment.  Do these sound familiar with regards to what courts and court staff are facing?  Courts, … Continue reading These Times Call for Adaptive Leadership!