Examining Local Courts: Uncovering the Real Story

Court Leader’s Advantage Podcast: July 20, 2021 Episode Brought to You in Cooperation with NACM Local Courts are the least analyzed components of the American court system.  This is particularly ironic since there are thousands of local courts, far more than there are courts of general jurisdiction. It has been estimated that they process over three … Continue reading Examining Local Courts: Uncovering the Real Story

The International Framework for Court Excellence and Court Responses to the Pandemic

The revised International Framework for Court Excellence is an excellent resource for courts as we continue to respond to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. The courts in Singapore, Republic of Marshall Islands, and the United States have taken many actions to apply the IFCE.

Court Leadership – the Competency of Accountability and Court Performance

Court leaders increasingly consider the use of performance measures to be accountable, make operational decisions, and demonstrate performance. This competency reviews skill areas to practice accountability and court performance.

These Times Call for Adaptive Leadership!

It’s hard to deny that our interest is captivated on how we in courts adjust to the Coronavirus challenges:  immediacy of operational changes, unfolding information, and an unknown and evolving nature of dealing with and creating a new work environment.  Do these sound familiar with regards to what courts and court staff are facing?  Courts, … Continue reading These Times Call for Adaptive Leadership!

Fulfilling the Public’s Trust: Accountability

Like all governmental institutions, courts are accountable to the public they serve for their performance. What is accountability? It is being responsible for the fulfillment of obligations and being called to account for actions in the discharge of duties. The work courts do to fulfill the public's high expectations in the delivery of justice is the key to public trust and confidence in the courts.